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Colour contact lenses: how to choose the best?

When it comes to choosing coloured contact lenses Dubai then the first thing that would confuse is the various types available. All of the coloured contacts are designed to mimic the natural colour of the iris (the coloured part of the eye). Because you can see colourful shapes and lines on the iris, some of the coloured contact lenses feature a series of tiny coloured dots, lines and shapes to fit on the eye and make it look more natural. Before discussing the ways of choosing coloured contacts, we shall take a look at the different types of coloured contacts that you may get. You will usually find them available tints:

·         Visibility tint

In this kind, a light blue or green tint is added to the lenses, in order to help you see them clearly when inserting or removing.  Being a relatively faint colour these usually do not change your eye colour.

·         Enhancement tint

These kind of lenses are see-through tints and are a little darker than the visibility tint. These lenses enhance the natural colour of your eyes, making them look vibrant.

·         Opaque tint

These lenses are have a non-transparent tint changing the eye colour completely. You can get them in different shades including hazel, green, blue, violet, brown and different others.

Choosing the best colour

Your skin and hair colour plays an important role when choosing a pair of coloured contacts. But it depends on the kind of look that you want to achieve, whether subtle and natural-looking or dramatic and daring.

  •         For light eyes

If you want to change the way that you appear in a subtle way, an enhancement tint will be best for you. These kinds of lenses would define the edges of your iris and also deepen the natural colour of your eyes.

You can also choose to experiment with a different eye colour like grey or green and still look natural if you have blue eyes.

For a dramatic look that can be immediately noticed on your light-coloured eyes and a cool complexion, you might choose warm-toned contact lenses like light brown.

  •         For dark eyes

If you have dark eyes, then opaque coloured tints are the best choice for you.  You can try honey brown or hazel coloured lenses to change naturally.

For a more dramatic and outstanding look, you can choose vivid coloured lenses like blue, green or violet. And if you have a darker skin, you can opt for bright-coloured lenses.