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Hire professionals for installing parquet floors

When you have decided to go with parquet flooring in your home, you must always hire professionals to do so. This is firstly because parquet floors are expensive than laying floor tiles and you would not want to make any mistake while installing them as a novice. Secondly professionals very well know how to do the job so they will ensure to finish it nicely and quickly. You can find many companies offering the services of installing parquet flooring Dubai at affordable cost.

Here we have some useful information on parquet floor installation that can better explain why you need professional help for it.

  •         The installation of parquet flooring should start from the center of the room and then worked out. Expansion gap must also be left around on the edges.
  •         Laying parquet flooring in a room which is not square or have many corners is a big challenge and requires more skill and attention.  Professional help is therefore necessary in such a case.
  •         In place of messy bitumen, parquet flooring is glued to its sub-base using a very powerful adhesive nowadays. The professionals apply it using a notched trowel to ensure it is fixed properly.
  •         The solid wood blocks in a parquet floor are always unfinished. Once these are laid, they must be sanded down evenly. It is always better if done by professionals, as they will ensure that the parquet flooring is evenly sanded out and ready to be finished. Only after that the  desired wax or lacquer finish must be applied,
  •         The sanding needs to be carefully done with the grains to avoid any unpleasing cross grain sanding marks.