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Things you should expect during your Facial session 

For most women, facials are a great way to clean up facial skin. The procedure is relaxing, cleaning and toning in nature and it creates a natural clean glow. Facial in Dubai is usually advised for people with mature skin and a large variety of facials are available to choose from. If you are going for a facial for the first time, here are a few things you should know.


What happens in a facial?

The actual products that are used in a facial will vary considerably but the routine is the same. If you are going for a facial for the first time, it’s a good idea to chat with the beautician. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin or if you suffer from skin conditions. Ensure that you list all relevant conditions along with emergency medication for allergies. You can also discuss your requirements and expectations from the treatment and the salon therapist will guide you on the different types of facials that can be done.


What are the steps in a facial?

Usually, the salon technician will ask you to lie down on a soft bed with your hair covered. It is advisable to remove chains, earrings and studs before the process. The different steps in a facial are as follows:


  • Cleansing: The therapist begins with a gentle cleansing in which a cleansing lotion is used to remove the superficial dirt. The cleanser is massaged into the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes. The cream is then wiped off with a wet wipe, sponges or warm cloth. Immediately after the cleansing, the therapist will do a gentle steaming of the face. This process is necessary to dilate skin pores.


  • Extraction: The gentle steaming results in open pores. These pores are gently examined with a special spoon-like device which opens up the pores and pulls out the dead white matter from the inside. They will ensure that the skin is not stretched or torn during the extraction process. 


  • Exfoliation: After the extraction process, the technician will exfoliate the superficial dead cells on the surface of the skin. An almond shell scrub or rice particulates can be used to exfoliate but it depends on the type of facial. After the exfoliation, the pores in the skin open up wider. At this stage, the most therapist starts with a massage.


  • Massage: A neck, shoulder and facial massage are carried out with massage cream to clean out the skin. After the massage, the therapists will wipe off extra lotion and then apply a face pack. This is the last stage of the facial as the face pack will close off the skin pores. The pack is left on for twenty minutes and you can relax. After the therapist wipes off the pack, the facial is complete. 


Point to remember: Initially, your face will appear reddened and swollen in areas due to massaging and extraction. You can have a warm bath after the facial but restrict the use of soap on your face. The actual effects of a facial are seen 12-24 hours after the facial is complete.


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