Eyelash Extensions: Things you should know before you get one

For decades, women have tried every type of beauty trick and enhancement to create a wide-eyed, beautiful look. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a variety of new alternatives to plain mascara like volume maskara, waterproof mascara etc. for styling. But, if you are bored with the same techniques of styling, get a hold on to the latest eyelash craze, the Best classic eyelash extensions Dubai. These are a new cosmetic procedure to bring a special charm to your eyelashes through fuller, denser and longer look. If not the best, Eyelash extensions Dubai probably is one of the best means to achieve the personality you crave for.

If you are planning to go ahead but are unsure whether this beauty trick will suit you or you are unaware of its details. We have tried to cover the most common questions regarding eyelash extensions procedure.

  • What are eyelash extensions?

An eyelash extension is a sequence of individual eyelashes that are glued to existing eyelashes. This lasts for around 2-4 weeks before a touch up is needed.

  • What are eyelash extensions made from?

Eyelash extensions are created of real human hair, man-made fibre, synthetic fibre or mink hair. 

  • What is the procedure?

A professional beautician will apply for each eyelash extension individually to an existing eyelash hair with special glue. Each eyelid requires nearly 50 to 100 extensions to create a natural-looking eyelash.

  • What is the time duration of the procedure?

The time duration depends on different kinds of extension. For a full two eye work, it approximately takes an hour and around forty-five minutes for a single eye. The process is painless but requires lots of patience, so you must take enough time with you when you go for the process. 

  • Do the existing eyelashes break during the procedure?

Although it is a delicate process, nothing of this sort happens if you reach out a well-experienced beauty technician for the process. 

  • Do these need special care?

In the first 24 hours, it is necessary to prevent contact with water as the glue has to bond the extension properly on your natural eyelash. After that do not use oil-based eye makeup or even removers because the oil will weaken the glue.

  • How frequently do eyelash extensions need touch-ups?

The eyelash extensions can last as long as natural eyelashes last i.e. normally for around 40 days. A touch up is recommended every three to four days.

  • Will these affect my eyes or natural eyelashes?

Unless a person is allergic to the fibre used to manufacture these extensions or the glue used to bond these to the eyelash, there will be no side effects. Any known allergy to certain fibres or glue should be mentioned prior to the procedure.

  • What about using mascara after the procedure?

You won’t need to wear mascara after it as these extensions appear fuller compared to the natural eyelash. Even if the mascara is used it shouldn’t be oil based because this can affect the glue utilized to bond the actual extension to the natural eyelash.

  • How are these removed?

These lashes should be taken off by a trained beautician. However, one can remove them on their own but is a time-consuming process and a trained and experienced professional should perform the removal.

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