Steps to consider while choosing a vet for your kitty

Our kitties need regular checkups as they do get sick as well. Finding a perfect vet is the least effort we can do for them. When finding a veterinary Dubai for our beloved cat we usually look for a medical expert who is conveniently located and is reasonable. While when placing our dear pet’s life in someone’s hand, we should be more aware of the choice we make. There are other things as well which should be taken into consideration for your kitty’s well being. 

Communication and Comfort

The most important factor in finding a good veterinarian is one who you and your cat are comfortable with. Your communication with the veterinarian let him know the health history of your cat, which allows the vet to become familiar with your pet. Going to the vet is rarely a cat’s favourite activity, a vet who becomes your cat’s second-best friend, as well as your friend can ease a lot of stress. 

Ask out your Queries

If you have any concerns, check whether your vet is willing to answer them so that you are satisfied and can make the best decisions for your cat. He should be articulate and able to explain what is going on with your cat in general terms. Most importantly, you must be able to trust your veterinarian, that your cat’s health is in good hands and your cat’s medical needs are well taken care of.


How easy it is to reach the veterinarian definitely matters. What if you have an emergency? Do you want to drive that far? If it is near to you. Can you get your cat in for treatment as soon as you need to or do they refer to another doctor? Also, look for the ones which can be reached by phone. Does your veterinarian return your calls promptly? What is their policy on emergencies? If they have multiple doctors, can you request that the doctor you regularly see treat once your cat gets over that life-threatening emergency?


It is important when selecting a veterinarian to find one that specializes in cats. Veterinarians who specialize in cats often have a better grasp of cat-specific illnesses. Your veterinarian should be proficient, and current on the latest treatments. He must be willing to seek out more information on your animal’s behalf with a specialist. Also, choose the clinic where there are only cats or they have separate entrances for cats and for dogs, so your cat is not stressed by dogs.


Of course, the cost of veterinary care is a big consideration in care. What’s the use of finding a good vet if you can’t afford them. The most important thing is to find a vet that fits in your budget as well as can fulfil the cat’s medical needs. Some clinics are more expensive than others. Some clinics recommend expensive diagnostic tests and treatments without offering the owner any other more cost-effective options. While some tell you about if there are any alternatives available. 

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